Leave the energy bars at home and grab this superfood for your next outdoor adventure!


4 important reasons you should choose Crave Free Pure Caviar Powder over your usual protein or energy bars—whether you’re backing for days, hitting the slopes, or just going on a day hike!


1. Crave Free is 100% sugar-free


Have you taken a look at the nutrition facts on the back your favorite energy bar? They are FULL of sugar. In fact, almost all of them have more than 20g of sugar per bar! Some bars boast “natural sugar” or “no added sugar,” but the truth is whether it’s added refined sugar or high-sugar-content ingredients (e.g., dates, maple syrup, or honey),it won’t benefit you in terms of long-term sustained energy, performance, or overall health. Crave Free’s ingredients include only pure caviar powder in an easy to take capsule, with 0g of sugar (that includes added and natural sugar). The energy you get from Crave Free is not just a sugar rush quickly followed by a crash. It’s real sustainable energy at the cellular level that will carry you through any adventure in any environment.

2. Crave free contains omega-3 marine phospholipids



Energy and protein bars often contain fats, but almost none of them contain EPA and DHA rich omega-3 phospholipids. A number of studies have shown that omega-3 marine phospholipids are the most efficient form of omega-3 fatty acids for humans, providing the most benefits—and there are plenty of benefits to gain. Along with all of the proven long-term benefits like improved blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, and lower rates of heart disease, omega-3 fats are also known to benefit your athletic endeavors. Studies have shown that supplementing with fish oils reduces excess inflammation, counteracts muscle loss, aids in muscle building, and benefits your brain to reduce anxiety and improve mood and motivation.


3. Crave Free contains 19 essential and non-essential amino acids


Unlike many protein bars, Crave Free is tested and proven to contain a long list of beneficial amino acids and peptides. The benefits you can expect from the amino acids in Crave Free include prevention of inflammation, reduced muscle damage during physical activity, improved focus, mood, and mental quickness, improved endurance, faster healing, quicker muscle regeneration, and many more.


4. Crave Free contains just 1 superfood ingredient: caviar. Nothing else!


If you read the nutrition label of an average protein or energy bar, you will almost always find a long list of ingredients—many of which don’t provide you with any benefits at all, or even worse, have harmful effects. Crave Free, on the other hand, is made solely of wild-caught, nutrient-dense caviar. The unique combination of beneficial nutrients contained in each capsule of Crave Free works synergistically to amplify these benefits. This powerful superfood not only nourishes you with nutrients to satiate your hunger, but it also provides you with long-term sustained energy, aids in muscle recovery and regeneration, and improves mental and physical adaptability to any environment, so you never have to stop even in the most extreme conditions.

Can your protein bar or energy bar do that?

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