Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Take Crave-Free?​

We recommend taking your first dose within 30 minutes of waking up, as this will reduce your cravings for sugars throughout the day, helping to balance your insulin and leptin hormones (sugar metabolism and appetite hormones).

How Often Can I Take Crave-Free?​

As often is you’d like! The capsules contain only pure caviar powder and cannot harm you. We like to take 6 caps as soon as we wake up, and then 2-4 caps about every 5 hours, 30 minutes before meals, which helps balance blood sugar.

What are the ingredients in Crave-Free?

Just one ingredient: Wild Norwegian Herring Roe

Can I take Crave-Free with other supplements?​

Yes. Crave-Free is just caviar in powdered form; it wont interact with other supplements, and could even aid in their absorption.

Can I take Crave=Free with medications?

Please consult with your physician first.

How does Crave=Free balance hormones?​

Crave-Free is full of macro and micro elements that are proven to aid in hormone balance.

How does Crave-Free eliminate cravings?

By fulfilling all of your nutritional deficiencies and helping to balance hormones.

How does Crave-Free improve my skin?​

The components of Crave-Free help improve collagen production and skin elasticity.

Can I take Crave-Free instead of food?

We strongly believe eating and enjoying whole natural foods is essential to your health and happiness. If you are fasting, Crave-Free is very helpful in maintaining a healthy fast, but is not a meal replacement.

Is Crave=Free Organic?​

No, because Crave-Free caviar powder supplement is a product of wild-caught fish it cannot be certified organic. However it is all-natural

If I forgot to take Crave-Free in the morning can I take it later?​

Yes. You can take it anytime you want to, or start to have cravings. We recommend taking it within 30 minutes of waking up because that boost of essential amino acids and fatty acids first thing in the morning regulates leptin (the appetite hormone) all day, allowing you to stay satiated.

If i forget to take Crave-Free 30 minutes
before my meal when should I take it?

Anytime you want or start to have cravings. You can even take Crave-Free with food, or after meals if you feel like it. We like to take it 30 minutes before meals, to avoid snacking between meals and overeating.

Is Crave-Free NON-GMO?


Can I take Crave-Free if I have a seafood allergy?​

Please consult with your physician first.

Can I take Crave-Free if I'm pregnant or nursing?

Please ask your physician first If s/he approves, enjoy all of the benefits Crave-Free can bring you and your baby during and after pregnancy!

Can men take Crave-Free?

Yes. Crave-Free is for everyone. The elements in Crave-Free will bring men countless benefits including reduced cravings, lean body, and increased testosterone leading to greater muscle tone and density, and heightened sex drive and performance.