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Frequently Asked Questions

Just one active ingredient: Wild Norwegian Herring Roe

Please consult with your physician first.

Yes. Cavi Boost immunity is just concentrated caviar; it wont interact with other supplements, and will even aid in their absorption.

It is full of incomparably bioavailable macro and micro elements that build immune cells and activate immune response, while fighting chronic inflammation and detoxifying blood and tissue. 

Bio-availability refers to how efficiently the desired nutrient is absorbed by your gut and how effective it is in creating a physiological response. If your supplements are not available they could be bringing you no benefits at best, and causing your body harm at worst


Cavi Pur contains wild caught Norwegian herring caviar and various whole adaptogenic herbs. 

Each ingredient is thoroughly tested for nutrient content.

Each Formula used to supplement the actions of caviar is proven effective through millenia of case studies in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medical practice and in clinical double-blind scientific studies.

Caviar has also proven its efficacy through years of cultural tradition dating back to ancient Inuit tribes of the north arctic tundra as well as through modern scientific research. We work very closely with university labs to run studies testing the exact bioactivity and cell response seen in human cells. 

Our active ingredient has been tested for anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties, bio-availability, efficacy in treating chronic inflammation, skin conditions, post surgical care and more.

Yes! We guarantee that our caviar source is the cleanest in the world, and make sure of that by testing each batch of ingredients. To ensure each capsule meets our rigorous quality standards, each batch is tested for bio-identity, purity, potency, pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals. 

100% of our caviar is sourced from the cold pelagic waters of the North Sea off the coast of Norway. This ensures incomparably low levels of toxicity to other fish based products, including fish oil supplements, and very highly potent nutritional values. 

Our herbs are all sourced from sustainable farms, offering the highest quality and potency of herbs available.

Yes. 100% of our caviar is consciously sourced from fisheries already harvesting wild-caught Norwegian herring.

No, Cavi Pur products cannot be certified organic because they all contain caviar of wild-caught herring. All Cavi Pur products are made from whole-food ingredients with no chemical additives, fillers, or preservatives

Caviar is fish roe, or fish eggs. We use caviar from wild-caught Norwegian herring, which is a small fish sourced from the North Sea. This allows our caviar to be more sustainable and nutritionally potent, and less toxic than any fish product or supplement on the market.

Cavi Pur products are all pescatarian friendly, but they are not vegan as they all contain wild caught caviar as their active ingredient.

Yes. Cavi Boost Immunity will have an umami, ocean,  fish scent to it. This is because it is made of a pure fish product and absolutely nothing was added to mask or alter the natural ingredients state. 

We recommend taking at least 6 capsules per day. You can take 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. If you feel that you need an extra boost feel free to up your dosage to 9-12 capsules. 

All Cavi Pur products contain wild caught herring caviar. If you have any allergies please consult with your physician before taking any Cavi Pur products.

Please ask your physician first If s/he approves, enjoy all of the benefits our caviar supplements can bring you and your baby during and after pregnancy!

No. Cavi Pur products are made of natural whole food ingredients. Cavi Boost Immunity contains just caviar. 

Although you can’t overdose, we don’t recommend taking more than 20 capsules a day, as it could potentially cause a stomach ache.

No. You should not experience any side effects after taking any Cavi Pur products. If you do, please consult your physician immediately.

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