Clear Out Your Cabinet! Why Crave Free is The Only Supplement You Need in Your Medicine Cabinet

If you’re anything like me, your bathroom vanity is overflowing with potions: products, serums and supplements to enhance your natural beauty, improve your overall health, and banish those “flaws.” What if I told you, you don’t need to grab every new multivitamin or trendy superfood to hit the shelves? Would you believe me if I said you can achieve healthy skin, stable energy levels, decrease the impacts of aging, and reduce cravings without hurting your appetite….all with one bottle? If it seems too good to be true, then you don’t know about the power of caviar.

Caviar’s components are scientifically proven to help cultivate long lasting metabolic energy to eliminate cravings*, help improve muscle and skin tone *, and act as antioxidants to reduce signs of aging*. We harnessed the power of caviar in Crave Free, a single-ingredient product that makes the benefits of caviar accessible to all.

So why should you toss what you’ve got and replace it with Crave Free?


We’re constantly trying to find the the right products we need to be healthy or beautiful or strong or young… and there are tons of products on the market to support these pursuits. But it can be overwhelming to educate yourself on those products to make a truly informed decision about what works. And even if you find a product that does, it’s challenging to figure out the optimal way to work that supplement into your routine. We know Crave Free works because Nature has done all of the heavy lifting for us – caviar is already perfect as it exists in the wild. When you target a specific area in your body, you risk under-nourishment someplace else, which results in imbalance. Caviar is a complex ingredient that naturally contains all the building blocks needed to produce life – so it works on your whole body in balance. This is why you are able to see both internal and external improvements with continued use!


Caviar is one of the most potent foods available in nature, and humans have been eating it for millennia. Crave Free is made from a single ingredient: dried and powdered caviar. This means you’re not feeding your body additives or fillers, which makes it easier to digest. It also comes with no side effects – this is not a medication, it is a food! That means you also cannot overdose on Crave Free…you can double, triple, or even quadruple a normal dose if you love the benefits and want to see more.


You can rest easy knowing that Crave Free is made from a tenable source of wild caught Norwegian herring. Not only is the herring fished from a replenishable source, but every single part of the Norwegian herring is sold and used for human consumption. The herring is never fished for the caviar alone, and no part is wasted. And remember those fillers I mentioned earlier? The more processing that goes into a supplement and its ingredients, the larger its carbon footprint and environmental impact. That goes for packaging as well – the more supplements you buy, the more economic demand you are creating for plastics.


Crave Free is not only friendly to the environment – it’s also friendly to your wallet. Standard health and beauty supplements can cost anywhere from $10 to upwards of $50 per bottle. Particularly when you are buying products for their anti-aging benefits, you see prices creep toward the triple digits. Crave Free supports healthy skin, reduces signs of aging, decreases cravings, and provides a stable source of energy. Purchasing separate products for each of these benefits could cost hundreds of dollars – and you are getting all of those perks in a single bottle.