Caviar: Not Just Another Superfood

4 ways Crave Free Pure Caviar is a top-shelf superfood

Crave Free is a genuine superfood

A superfood is defined as a highly nutrient-dense whole food that brings countless human health benefits, and that’s exactly what Crave Free does. Crave Free is a single ingredient: whole caviar to which nothing is added or removed. The caviar in Crave Free is naturally concentrated in omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Crave Free is comprised of a unique combination of beneficial nutrients that are incredibly powerful, but just as importantly, bioavailable and usable for your body. The holistic and synergistic benefits range from improved immunity, antioxidation and anti-inflammation, to tissue regeneration, appetite control, and many more.

Crave Free is the only animal-sourced superfood

A superfood that comes directly from animal source provides extra natural benefits. Because caviar is from wild-caught Norwegian herring, Crave Free contains vitamin B12, 19 essential and non essential amino acids, and omega-3 marine phospholipids—all highly powerful and beneficial nutrients that cannot be naturally found in plant-sourced foods.

There’s a lot to like about the benefits of animal-sourced nutrients: heightened mood, increased energy, improved muscular strength, improved skin regeneration and tone, better stamina and endurance, reduced inflammation, improved focus, cognitive performance, and memory, improved heart health, boosted bone density, and reduced cravings.

Crave Free is sugar- and carb-free

To be fair, most superfoods are sugar free. While in some cases that may mean no added sugar, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely free of natural sugars or other carbohydrates. Read the nutritional label on any of your favorite superfoods and you may be surprised at the carbohydrate content. For those staying away from carbs by choice, or by necessity—in the case pre diabetic, diabetic, and insulin resistant people—it can be extremely difficult to make use of other superfoods. With Crave Free you get all the amazing nutritional benefits from a superfood without any carb intake.

Crave Free is incredibly keto-friendly

Ketogenic diets are growing in popularity for their ability to promote healthy weight, balanced cholesterol levels, reduced blood sugar and insulin levels, and even effectiveness against symptoms of neurological and autoimmune disorders. Crave Free is one of the only highly nutrient-dense superfoods you can incorporate freely into your keto diet because it’s high in healthy omega-3 fats, and contains no carbohydrates. It will not only help you maintain your diet, but will also bring you additional valuable benefits including improved energy, mood, muscle tone and more!

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