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We want you to live better

Our Story

Cavipur was founded by a mother, daughter and son trio with Russian roots, the Shoykhets. Not only is their knowledge of caviar’s benefits a deeply embedded cultural tradition, passed down through generations, but their combined formal education includes specialties, focuses and diplomats in western and eastern medicine, nutrition, biochemistry, food engineering, and pharmacology. It is from this foundation plus over ten years of caviar research that the Shoykhets have made it their sole mission, individually, as a family, and as a company, to educate and provide the resources to improve human health.

Meet the Founders

Gabrielle Shoykhet

Gabrielle knew early on that she wanted to catalyze change in the health field. Coming from a background in research and biochemistry, she didn’t feel the whole story was being told. Now as a Master of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is able to synthesize medical learnings from both a western scientific perspective as well as an eastern esoteric and philosophical view to discover the cutting edge of wellness.

Anna Shoykhet

Anna is a Master in Biochemical Food Engineering (Moscow) and also holds a Pharmacy degree (United States). She began researching caviar as a high density source of nutrients over 20 years ago, testing on herself and her family. She saw tremendous results in their health: the results ranged from weight loss to looking and feeling younger. As she researched, she grew passionate about sharing her findings. Anna’s obsession with caviar is why we are here today!

Daniel Shoykhet

You could say that Daniel has been a businessman from age 16. His magnetic energy always has and continues to make it easy for him to create success around him. Naturally, Daniel focused on business and marketing in his undergraduate life and has since changed his focus to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His whole life has been supported by his love of art and music. Daniel's broad spectrum of interests brings our ideas to life!

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