We want you to live better

And living better begins by feeding yourself the elements that have been proven by time and science to deliver noticeable results. It begins at a cellular level and expands into all-natural, full-body health.

our story

Founded by a mother, daughter, and son trio with Russian roots, Cavi Pūr is a combination of tradition and modern science, a culmination of more than a decade of research into caviar’s powerful properties for systemic transformation

Whether you seek greater athletic performance, radiant skin, or an overall boost in health and wellness, Cavi Pūr is dedicated to providing only the purest, most effective caviar extract.

Discover for yourself what it’s like to live better.

our logo

Created from the Roman numerals, CVI or 151, our logo and Cavi brand name draw inspiration from its numerological significance: forward motion, generating and regenerating life.

Science Behind Cavi Pur

Caviar Renewal cells seek damaged tissue,
regenerating and rebuilding cells
• Antioxidants protect cells from harmful free
radicals, repairing and protecting
from within
• Omega-3 marine phospholipids optimize
fluid retention and support essential
cell membranes
• Essential amino acids provide precursors for
neurotransmitters and building blocks for all
tissues in the body
From wild-caught pure Norwegian caviar, Cavi
Pūr provides the renewal cells,
amino acids, Omega-3s, vitamins and minerals
your body needs to be its best self.

Adaptogenic Herbs Inspired by Ancient Medicine

Inspired by ancient herbal medicines and 21st century research, Cavi Pūr’s proprietary blend of herbs directs the natural benefits of caviar to specific cells in certain product lines, regenerating, nourishing and protecting all cell types for noticeable results.

Our Commitment to
Transparency and Sustainability

We care about the earth and pride ourselves in our transparency about the sourcing
and processing of our caviar.
Originating in the cleanest pelagic waters of Norway, our caviar is free from harmful
environmental toxins with each batch tested for purity and nutrient content to ensure
the greatest benefits.
100% of our caviar is the byproduct of fisheries already harvesting wild-caught Wild
Norwegian Herring, reducing overfishing and minimizing food waste.
Questions or curiosity over our toxin/heavy metal analysis certificates? Get in touch
with us here or find us on social media.